About the NFLC Virtual Summit

Welcome to the first-ever virtual summit hosted by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. Over the course of three days, you will hear inspiring messages from some of the best in the field. Throughout each day you will be able to participate in a variety of professional learning experiences that are designed to challenge your current mindset as you explore new content and gain insights on what is possible in today’s world language classrooms.

Real Teachers. Real Solutions

10:00 AM (ET) 9:00 AM (CT) 8:00 AM (MT) 7:00 AM (PT)
3:00 PM (ET) 2:00 PM (CT) 1:00 PM (MT) 12:00 PM (PT)

Connect live with current classroom teachers twice each day as they challenge our thinking, offer insights and spark our curiosity. These talks are designed to invite us to explore common issues from different perspectives, allowing all to move forward with new insights.

Learn with the Regionals.

10:00 AM (ET) 9:00 AM (CT) 8:00 AM (MT) 7:00 AM (PT)
3:00 PM (ET) 2:00 PM (CT) 1:00 PM (MT) 12:00 PM (PT)

Select from a wide variety of recorded presentations prepared by presenters from the five regionals CSCTFL, NECTFL, PNCFL, SCOLT, and SWCOLT. A different group of sessions will premiere each day. Collaborate with the presenter and others attending the sessions using a common Google document. Share your thinking, pose questions and offer resources and help to others.

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Featured Presentations

View a recorded presentation from an ACTFL presenter responding to core questions every language educator might ask themselves. Learn with ACTFL Director of Education Paul Sandrock, ACTFL President-Elect Jessica Haxhi, as well as Yo Azama, Megan Budke, and Anne Cappiello.

Engage in Conversations

12:00 PM (ET) 11:00 AM (CT) 10:00 AM (MT) 9:00 AM (PT)
5:00 PM (ET) 4:00 PM (CT) 3:00 PM (MT) 2:00 PM (PT)

Join panelists, presenters and attendees for a panel discussion that focuses on one of the domains of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework: Planning, Performance and Feedback, The Learner Experience, Learning Tools and Environment. Listen as panelists discuss questions and insights drawn from the recorded sessions connected with that panel.

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Listen to Student Voices

2:00 PM (ET) 1:00 PM (CT) 12:00 PM (MT) 11:00 AM (PT)

Listen as students share their responses to questions being in this time of unprecedented change. Hear what they have to say about language learning, online learning and their thoughts on returning (or not) to classrooms in the fall.

Middle School High School Post-Secondary

Reflect on the Learning

6:00 PM (ET) 5:00 PM (CT) 4:00 PM (MT) 3:00 PM (PT) each day

Grab a relaxing beverage and join this live conversation. Reflect with NFLC hosts Laura Terrill, Greta Lundgaard, and Thomas Sauer on lessons learned and questions raised throughout the day. Consider how various NFLC resources may be of use to you and your students.


Each day includes multiple opportunities to interact with speakers and content during livestreamed events or recorded presentations. Use the filters to find different sessions for each day, session type, and sponsoring organization.

Let's Learn Together

Expand your professional community as you prepare for a year that focuses on creating community and engaging all learners wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions


How were the sessions selected for the program?

The goal of this event is to provide a space for presenters from the five regional world language conferences to share their work and for educators with diverse and multicultural perspectives to share their voices. The National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) realized that many teachers across the country would have prepared sessions for regional conferences that were subsequently canceled or cut short. Each regional was asked to identify presenters who had been accepted as presenters for their regional giving strong consideration to those who were currently teaching ensuring that we would hear “voices from the classroom”. ACTFL also identified 3 additional presenters to highlight work at the national level. Featured speakers were selected by the NFLC with the intent to showcase a diversity of perspectives across the profession. Finally, panelists were chosen to ensure that diverse perspectives were considered when processing new learning.

How can I find a session?

All sessions can be found on the conference website. Sessions can be filtered by day, by sponsoring organization, and by live presentation type. Alternatively, sessions can be found directly on the NFLC’s YouTube channel.

When will I be able to view the sessions?

Recorded sessions are scheduled to be posted. A full schedule of sessions can be found here.

How long will the sessions be available on YouTube?

All recorded presentations will be available on the NFLC’s YouTube channel until August 31, 2020.

Will the live sessions be recorded and posted later?

Yes! All live sessions will be recorded and will remain available on the NFLC’s YouTube channel until August 31, 2020.

Will I be able to ask questions during a panel discussion?

Yes! The panels will be hosted on Zoom, which includes a Q&A feature to ask questions. Panel moderators will monitor the questions and select questions for the panel to discuss as time permits during each panel discussion.

What happens during the sunset chat?

The sunset chats are facilitated conversations designed to process the day’s learning and reflect forward. Participating in the daily sunset chats will help summit attendees synthesize and organize their learning in preparation for both subsequent summit sessions and the coming school year.

How can I connect with a presenter or other summit participants?

Each recorded session will have a unique Google Doc containing information and resources relevant to the session. Attendees will have space on each of these live online documents to interact with the presenter and with one-another. Session descriptions on YouTube and the summit website also list social media information for each presenter.

The panel discussion and sunset chat will all include Q&A features to interact with panelists and moderators in real-time.

We also encourage you to interact on social media with us (Twitter: NFLC_UMD) as well as session & keynote presenters and other attendees. Use the hashtag #NFLCvirtualsummit on social media to interact with thousands of other educators all over the world in real time!

Are presentation slides available for download?

Each session presenter may choose to make their presentation slides available for download. Slides will be posted on the corresponding Google Doc linked in each session and YouTube description. Some presenters may choose to share a modified version of their slides as well as additional materials that support their session.

Are videos available for download?

All recorded presentations as well as live stream sessions, with the exception of the panel discussions, are available for viewing on the NFLC’s YouTube channel.

Will there be a certificate of attendance for this event?

A generic certificate of attendance will be provided after completion of the summit survey. Participants must be registered to receive the summit survey via email.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the NFLC to provide a detailed certificate listing the number of hours of participation since sessions are posted on YouTube and we cannot capture specific viewer information. Please discuss with your local institution how you might be able to use this certificate, which will include your name and information about the summit.

Getting the Most Out of the Summit

How do I select a session?

Think carefully about your personal learning goals. Each session in the summit is tagged with specific Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning (TELL) criteria, allowing you to identify the core focus of the session. You may also access the TELL criteria via the online platform Catalyst.

We also highly recommend this article, written by Thomas Sauer, to plan your conference experience in a way that challenges you to reflect and grow!

What is the Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning (TELL) Framework?

The TELL Framework identifies the characteristics and behaviors that effective language teachers possess. You may access the framework on the TELL website.

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is an online platform that allows world language educators to set professional goals, identify their strengths, and upload evidence and reflections that document their ongoing growth. Catalyst can be used to connect with others to collaborate and receive feedback on your work with the TELL Domain and Subcriteria identified for this session. Catalyst is based on the Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning (TELL) framework and developed collaboratively by the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) and Professionals in Education Advancing Research and Language Learning (PEARLL). Set up and account and track your professional growth throughout the summit: catalyst.uoregon.edu.

Where can I find past Virtual Summit emails containing logistical information?

Review the summit email sent to registered participants on July 9.

Review the summit email sent to registered participants on July 17.

To receive all future summit-related emails, please be sure to register for the Virtual Summit. To register, click HERE.